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Hi! I’m Petra, Owner and Founder of Happi Lives. Happi Lives is a family-focused support system here to facilitate nutrition changes to focus on a healthier & happier version of you & your family. I am a family nutritionist & lactation specialist educating for a healthy Oklahoma City.

I specialize in infant & prenatal nutrition, family & child health cooking, Gluten Free diets, weight loss, & a number of other health & nutrition concerns that you or a loved one may have. From weight loss, boosting your energy, eating right, or just feeling happy about your body & state of being, I believe that everyone can achieve a balanced & healthy lifestyle through small practical changes.

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I’m Petra, owner & editor of Happi Lives. What is Happi Lives? It is a blogsite that is dedicated to health in the most complete & simplest form; to live a happy life filled to the fullest. This is only achieved through true health, full respect & entire love for ones’ own body & life. Happi stands for Health, Appetite, Physique, Personality, Inspiration, & are all parts of a whole in building all around health & contentedness. I came about this blog for a few reasons. A reformed graphic designer & advertiser, I have always had a passion for cooking & good nutrition.

As a marketer, I have seen our society & the way it manipulates what is true health & true beauty. I have seen friends, family, even myself, feel inadequate for a large part, if not all, of their life as a result. Not wanting to live my life in this way, I made a change; I wanted to start living free & to the best of my abilities, in essence, to live “happi”. This change has affected me in many blessed ways, so much it even encouraged a career change on my part. I am now a personal trainer & nutritionist, & have yet to look back.

  • Happi Lives
  • Happi Lives University of Oklahoma Graduate
  • Happi Lives Gold's Gym Trainer
  • Happi Lives NASM Certified Trainer
  • HappiLives Francis Tuttle Instructor
  • Happi Lives Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutritional Services

Fit Kid Chefs

A cooking class led by your children, join us as we create fun & nutrient dense foods that not only your children will love, but will love to eat. This is a mother/father-and-wee class, each child must be accompanied by an adult!

Classes offered multiple times throughout the month at various locations.

Cost: $50 per child/parent couple

Time: 3 hour class

Location: Various locations

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Gluten Free Cooking

This class is aimed to help those wanting to learn about the gluten-free diet. Through our cooking class, join us as we learn about the benefits of living without gluten & still enjoy the foods you love.

Classes offered at multiple times & locations throughout the month.

Cost: Varies

Time: Varies

Location: Various locations

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Corp Lunch & Learns

Too busy to leave the office? I can cater to the hectic schedules of corporate employees, sports teams & other groups by coming on-site to provide nutrition services. Some classes include: Nutrition 101 & Eat more, Weigh Less Principles

Book an individual class or the 5 Course Series.

Cost: Varies

Time: 3 hour class

Location: Anywhere

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Pregnancy Nutrition & (Cooking Class): From Pre-Conception to Baby's First Foods

This is a 6-week course that focuses on the nutrition that you will need to prepare your body for pregnancy as well as how to provide the proper environment & nutrients to allow your little one to grow healthy. Each class we will go over nutrition information, share recipes, & do a short cooking demo, as well as make friends & bonds with Moms-to-be.

  • The Fertility Diet & Detox
  • First Trimester Nutrition: Nutritional Needs, Remedies & Recipes
  • Second & Third Trimester Nutrition: Balance & Birth Preparation
  • Special Needs Pregnancies: From Preclempsia to Vegetarian Diets
  • Breastfeeding Nutrition Therapy & Healing
  • Baby’s First Foods: They are what they eat

Cost: $300

Time: 6 classes lasting 1- 1 ½ hrs of open discussion with cooking demo

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You May Kiss the Cook!

Happi lives Classes

Ready for the big day? Sick of all of the crash dieting, constant pressure & hunger? Well, guess what? Weddings can be a wonderful yet stressful event, & I work with you and/or your wedding party to make your wedding that much more enjoyable. When you’re confident in your own skin, it shows. Have everyone remember your wedding day not as the best wedding they ever went to, but because you looked & felt the happiest you ever have been!

You can be the vision of perfection that is in your head without all of the quick fix diet plans or starvation methods you have been putting through. In this 6-week course, I’ll show you that you can have your cake & eat it too by learning how to balance your wedding planning & work life by learning real nutrition, taking back the kitchen with quick nutrient dense meals, & beginning a healthy relationship with food that you & your hubby-to-be will grow on long after the honeymoon.

Topics will include:

  • How to break free (for good) the diet-binge cycle
  • How to look as good on your 1, 2, 3-year anniversary as you do on your wedding day
  • Learn how to get your fiancé in the kitchen, & why cooking together can make (or break) your relationship
  • How to not spend a million hours in the kitchen, yet still produce restaurant worthy meals- together
  • How to break free (for good) the diet-binge cycle

Cost: $400

Time: 6 classes lasting 1 hr

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Date Night Cooking Class

Savory Spice Shop Happi lives Looking for something special to do for a night out? This is a luxury class that answers the age old question “where do we want to eat tonight.” Bring someone special for an evening cooking and fun at the chef’s table with a little bit of health and nutrition involved. You and your companion will work side by side as Petra Lusche, family nutritionist from Happi Lives, shares seasonal flavor combinations and demonstrates easy yet impressive techniques behind a menu of delicious autumn dishes designed to inspire health, enjoyment and sharing.

Classes offered once a month at Savory Spice Shop, limited to 5 couples. Please contact petra@happilives.com to sign up, or contact the Savory Spice Shop at 405.525.9119. Call and sign up today, as spots fill up quickly!

Phone: 405.525.9119

Cost: $90/couple

Time: 2 ½ hr class

Location: Savory Spice Shop,
4400 N. Western Ave. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118

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Nutritional Counseling

Need a bit more focus and more individualization? Book a nutritional counseling session. I’ll work one-on-one with you (and your family if need be) to assess your nutritional starting point, and work with you to change your diet habits to better fit the needs of your body for your goals. The counseling sessions are highly individualized in order to accommodate your unique lifestyles & personal food preferences.

Nutrition Counseling Includes:

  • Initial Nutrition Counseling and Follow Up Sessions
  • Individualized Diet Program for your body type, diet, and lifestyle
  • Eating for ss and trouble shooting for potential nutritional problems such as cravings/energy/etc

Special Nutritional Classes for:

  • Prenatal & Postpartum Nutrition
  • Family Nutrition Makeover
  • Weightloss
  • Celiac and Gluten Free Counseling

Would you like to be a client?

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I felt run down and lacked the knowledge necessary to make healthy decisons when it came to eating. My health was affecting every aspect of my life. I called Petra and ever since, I feel like I have more control over my eating compulsions and my life.

Brett Olsen, Interior Designer

Petra is a very talented and professional nutritionist and I recommend her services to my patients without reservation.

Stephen J. Miller, Ph.D., ABPP

This spot is waiting for you. Don't hestitate and call me, we can get you back on track!



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